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Bird watching

The Usambaras offer numerous bird watching spots, starting with the Shagayu Forest, through the fields, the farmland, cliffs and even Mkomazi National Park. The climate and biodiversity offer a perfect habitat for around 280 different bird species, including 7 Usambara endemic ones: Usambara Akalat, Usambara double-collared sunbird, Usambara thrush, Usambara weaver, Usambara hyliota, Usambara eagle owl and Usambara greenbul.
But also beautiful and colorful species like Hartlaubs Turaccos, African Hill-Babblers, different Greenbulls, Flycatchers and Falcons including the rare Taita Falcon nest that can be occasionally spotted. You will surely enjoy the beautiful trees and plants walking through the villages, forest roads and in the jungle.

Our trained bird watchers will accompany you, provide you with necessary equipment if needed and entertain you with anecdotes and stories about the flying treasures of the mountains. 

Duration: 2-5 hours
Difficulty level: For bird lovers
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