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 Round walk Mtae - Mambo


Day 1

The Usambara mountains are home to 2,855 plant species and almost 270 various birds. On a 2 day walking tour you will get an opportunity to immerse yourself in a wild nature, breathing the pure mountain air as you follow the unbeaten paths of Shagayu forest. A black and white Colobus monkey or an Usambara two horned chameleon may cross our path on the way to the Kideghe Waterfall where we take a short break to enjoy the unique atmosphere of one of the last remaining, untouched cloud forests in the world. After 7 hours of discovering various landscapes: the rain forest, farmland, villages we will overnight at a home stay - ideal opportunity to discover the every day life of a local family, taste or even help cooking a traditional meal or learn few Swahili words.

Day 2

After a night of listening to the Bush babies, we continue our adventure with a short walk that brings us to a nearby village for a cup of coffee. The villagers still tend coffee plants originally grown from beans given to them by German farmers over a hundred years ago, so can enjoy a coffee full of flavor and history. After stunning viewpoints, a short walk down the hill leads us to an old German mansion and a path continuing onward up to the escarpment and views of the Maasai plain. After the second day of discovering the wonderful Sambaa culture full of smile and color, we can happily recommend a comfortable accommodation.

Duration: 2 days, 5-6 hours walk each day

Difficulty level: Experience for everyone

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