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Cycling Tours

The Usambaras are perfect for mountain biking. We offer some “easy going” half day tours as well as some moderate full day routes. An Usambara Eco Mountain bike is included


Forest Tour (moderate)

On this tour you’ll pass the fringes of beautiful Shagayu forest as you ride through the typical, Usambara rural landscape. It’s “up and down” all the time in this 20 km tour

Duration: 4 hours 

Difficulty level: Average bikers 


Mambo Mtae Tour (Half day)

On this tour you’ll have some spectacular views over the Maasai plain on the way to Mtae on this 12 km tour. The way back from Mtae to Mambo is a gently uphill climb most of the time. 

Duration: 3 hours 

Difficulty level: Average bikers 


Mbaru Tour (Full day)

On the back roads, along the cliffs, you’ll start this beautiful 38 kilometer tour. Later on, you’ll pass Mbaru village and tiny Manolo. We return back to Mambo through peaceful agricultural valleys. 

Duration: 7 hours 

Difficulty level: Experienced bikers

Bicycling tours - multi days, to be arranged according to interest and experience: “From the Mountains to the Valley”.

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